Wedding Season

Wedding season has come and gone in a flurry of flowers and parties. I love a good wedding! This is a great time to reflect and share what I do. I realised that I work with brides and grooms a lot but never really mention it here or on social media.

Kimberley and Gavin got in touch last year looking for some personalised wedding invitations. It was a pleasure working together to create really special invitations and thank you cards to invite their favourite people to celebrate with them.


They'll be heading off to Greece very soon. Good luck, guys!

Ok. Here is my most recent and life-changing technology discovery. Elise posted about Google Photos a while ago and I thought 'Ah yes. Good idea' and proceeded to do nothing about it for ages until my phone started complaining that it was full. Again.

Having all my photos backed up has been great, AND it has unearthed all this old work i'd forgotten about. Being able to search month by month is a game changer. I am a bit unorganised with photos, so to be able to think "errr, it was like July or August when I painted that" is AMAZING. Thank you internet. 


Live painting at weddings

The above painting earned me a place in Glamour Magazine's 'hot wedding trends of 2017'. My 15 minutes of trendy fame. On the morning of Helen and Daniel's big day, I headed down to the venue early to paint. Two of these paintings were completed before and during the ceremony, and dried in time to be presented to the bride and groom's parents as part of the speeches.

wedding venue illustrated portrait painting greece overseas katie chappell illustration.jpg

This painting of the tiny Greek St Paul's Chapel (in St Paul's Bay, Lindos) was created before the wedding, and sent along with the bride and groom in their suitcases to be presented to their parents as gifts. Ok enough talk of Greece, can we book a holiday now?

Place Settings, Seating Plans and Photobooths

One of my favourite jobs from this year, Fiona and Alan asked me to create a custom photo booth border, as well as a huge seating plan board to help guests find their way. 

While we're here reminiscing, let's not forget Lizi and Tom's countryside wedding at Lady Waterford Hall, in Ford, Northumberland. I painted this venue portrait for the couple before the wedding.


Congratulations to all of the happy brides and grooms! It's my pleasure to be a part of your big day.

Are you getting married soon? If you'd like to discuss your requirements, feel free to drop me an email: