Live Window Painting for OVO Energy's Tour of Britain - Pictorial Photography


Berwick is hosting the start of stage three of the 2019 OVO Energy Tour of Britain on Monday 9th September. The race is starting from the centre of Berwick on Tweed and will cross the Old Bridge as the cyclists zoom along the Tweed Valley and onto Ford and Wooler. The route follows the Northumberland Coast, past Bamburgh and Warkworth castles, showcasing our beautiful area through worldwide media coverage.

The people of Berwick are planning on hosting the warmest of welcomes to spectators and cyclists by decorating all the shop windows and displaying fabulous brightly painted bicycles at local visitor hotspots and roundabouts in the Northumberland colours of yellow and red.

Pictorial Photography and I put our heads together and dreamt up a window that tied in all the yellow and red, as well as the incoming cyclists.

The Berwick Chamber of Trade will be judging the window designs, and the winner will receive £200 to donate to their local charity of choice. We’ve already decided that if we’re lucky enough to win, our donation will go to the North Star Centre who do amazing work and have a beautiful sensory garden in Berwick upon Tweed.

Digital mockups and my one true love, coffee.

Digital mockups and my one true love, coffee.

I went to work creating this design featuring the Northumbrian flag and hoards of cyclists whizzing down the high street. Initially we planned to use white paint which shows up beautifully when it’s bright outside and darker in the shop. However, in this instance the light blue blinds would be shut for most of the time so a black line showed up much better.

Work in progress - painting on a window is great fun for layering colour and line.

Work in progress - painting on a window is great fun for layering colour and line.

Pictorial Photography have written a detailed blog on the window painting which you can read here.

Photos all taken by Sarah Jamieson at Pictorial Photography.

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