Case Studies


Dove / Unilever


In March 2019, Dove held a 3 day event at Sea Containers / The 12th Knot in London and invited beauty bloggers and influencers from around the world to attend. As many of the influencers' first language was not English, it was crucial that facts be communicated visually.

A Quick Turnaround

With just 10 days to go until the event, I created a proposal to display Dove's sustainability goals around reducing (and eventually eliminating) their use of plastic in packaging.

It had to have visual impact, be environmentally friendly, and not use unnecessary props.

Generating Ideas

I created a 3-part PDF of my ideas for the event.

These included window stickers/decals, live window painting, and personalising place names/creating a gift on seeded paper that attendees could plant and grow after the event. 

After reviewing this proposal, Dove decided to go ahead with window painting.
The design was planned, reviewed, edited and finally signed off.

By travelling to London and staying in the hotel where the event was happening, I was able be at on-site and ready to paint, first-thing in the morning.

The live illustration / window painting took 2 hours, and was completed in time for the attendees to be able to take photographs during the break between talks.



The event was a huge success, with the following results:

• Dove's plastic and packaging goals were clearly communicated
• 150 influencers took photographs and shared videos of the live window painting, using hashtags and custom GIFs (created by @Tollydoshposh) to share the event with their followers.
• Numerous press articles including Dazed Digital, The Guardian and British Plastics.
• Reached at least 700k people through collective Instagram accounts.

nespresso flagship store regent street live illustration window painting

Nespresso UK

To celebrate International Recycling Day, Nespresso contacted me regarding a window installation that would communicate their recycling scheme, as well as their ethical coffee sourcing programme.

Another short turnaround with just 1 week from enquiry to event.

International Recycling Day

Reviewing Nespresso’s existing sustainability and recycling videos, I was able to formulate a detailed window plan including all of the required information.

Customers would be educated about their AAA farmers’ programme, as well as how Nespresso coffee pods are collected and recycled.

Nespresso supplied detailed photographs and information on window dimensions which enabled me to create accurate plans for the window painting, being sure to leave a gap where the Nespresso logo appears in their window.

Live Illustration Time Lapse
& a Film Crew

On arrival at the store in Regent Street, I was greeted by a full film crew ready to create a 30-second video to be used online as an advert. They stayed all day, filming and photographing as I painted my way over the two store-front windows.

The live illustration / window painting took 5 hours (10:30am until 3pm, with a brief stop for lunch). While I was painting, people on the streets waved and cheered, and came into the store to ask staff what was going on.

regent street window painting london live illustration
live illustration london window painting storefront installation visual merchandising nespresso coffee sustainability


• Nespresso's recycling scheme and ethical coffee sourcing initiatives were clearly communicated.
• The entire window painting experience was recorded and shared online. At time of writing this video has over 9000 views on Instagram/Facebook, not including the huge passing-traffic on Regent Street.
• An extended stay: the window painting was only supposed to be up for 3 days, but the team at Nespresso were so pleased with it that, a month later, it’s still up.
• Reached at least 20k people through collective Instagram/Facebook accounts (at time of writing…3 weeks after the live illustration)