Live illustration

We wanted to find an innovative, fun way of capturing what was discussed at our recent workshop. Not only did Katie’s drawings do that, they also brought the ideas to life and helped attendees to understand some complex issues. Because Katie was with us, sketching throughout the workshop, attendees got to see their ideas develop, leading to a final piece of work which was presented end of the event.

Thank you again, Katie. Illustrations are a much more fun and accessible way of reaching people - far more interesting in pages of boring minutes!
— Claire Martin, University of Edinburgh

Live Illustration and graphic recording


Here's a photo of me live-illustrating for Stella Artois earlier this year. For this event, I personalised customers' promotional chalices if their glass had a winning sticker on the bottom.

Live illustration for weddings

Last year Glamour Magazine included me in an article titled "2017's hot wedding trends". I live-painted this seaside wedding venue for Helen and Daniel's beach wedding in the Scottish Borders (Coldingham Sands). The final paintings were given to the parents of the bride and groom as thank you gifts after the service. You can read the article here! 

From Instagram: I'm @Katiedraws over there.

From Instagram: I'm @Katiedraws over there.

What is Graphic Recording?

Graphic recording is also known as scribing. It's the live drawing of a meeting or event by me, the scribe. Basically, as people discuss and explain, I capture their ideas on large pieces of paper, (or one very large piece of paper!) bringing together the essential elements of the event. As you can imagine, this is a great way to disseminate the outcome of a meeting after the event has happened.

The sustainability department at Edinburgh University even decorated their office with my illustrations after the event!

Who can use graphic recording?

Graphic recording works really well for everyone. Businesses and organisations spend a lot of effort running meetings and events. Graphic recording can give an extra, exciting and innovative visual element, bring the whole thing to life, and create a lasting visual record. 


People think visually! Audiences and workshop participants respond really well to a tangible, visualisation of the event they're attending. It's even more exciting to see your own ideas contribute in real-time to this.

To book some live illustration or graphic recording for your brand, event or wedding, please get in touch.